//HideoutLounge Friends
  • HideoutLounge - Privacy for my balcony and garden
  • HideoutLounge - Privacy for my balcony and garden
  • HideoutLounge - Privacy for my balcony and garden

HideoutLounge Friends


HideoutLounge Friends is ideal for friends or the whole family. You can even stand up right and have fun together.


Purchase without furniture and decoration. Possible slight changes compared to the photographs.


Product Description

No looking in:
The special fabric used for the HideoutLounge makes it quite impossible to look into the interior from outside. The observer sees the attractive HideoutLounge but cannot make out what is happening within. So you are completely undisturbed.

Lovely view:
The HideoutLounge is designed so that it is possible to look out from inside it. You see everything that is going on around you. Enjoy your terrace, balcony, garden or the countryside unobserved from the surroundings.

Bright interior:
The fabric slightly softens the sunshine, resulting in a friendly interior that is ideal for sunbathing or getting tanned. The material even provides a low UV protection factor of 2 – 3 against the sun.

High-quality materials:
Stable connector system made of high-quality aluminium profiles. Special plastic fabric with sturdy zippers on all four corner edges. Eyelets for rolling up and fixing the side panels on all four sides.

Additional Information


Height 223cm, Length 209cm, Width 237cm


Panels: mocha and beige, Sky: blue


cords to bind entrance, eyelets on front, Gestänge, Kordeln zum Hochbinden, Ösen an Frontseite, Reißverschlüsse, Rods, Überwurf, zippers


Aluminum poles, Plastic connectors, PVC cover


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